Wooler Brands, Inc. provides many of our available spirits for Private Label Distribution. The most notable brands available is Alexander Murray & Co Inc, which is one of Scotland’s leading independent bottlers.

Founded in 2004 by Steve Lipp, a Scotsman with over 25 years’ experience in the Scotch whisky industry, the company is based in Calabasas, California, and has been working with trade customers all over the USA in developing and launching their own brand spirits.

Starting off with premium private labels in 2004, Alexander Murray & Co Inc has since worked with Costco, Walmart, Total Wines & More among others in bringing their own private label whisky and spirits requirements to reality.

We currently have over 60 kinds of Scotland’s finest whisky, showcasing multiple styles, vintages and character. 

To find out more about how Wooler Brands, Inc. can help you develop your own unique custom brand and new private label, contact us.